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Vision, mission and objectives

Established in 2006 by the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE), the GHF is a Swiss not-for- profit organization that brings together a diverse range of stakeholders to discuss and address global health challenges. It serves as a neutral platform for dialogue and collaboration among policymakers, representatives from academia, civil society, and the private sector.


A world where health is a human right and access to health a reality for every human being.


The mission of the Geneva Health Forum is to facilitate dialogue among global health actors. This dialogue contributes to the improvement of health policies and access to care worldwide.


To fulfill this mission, the GHF has identified three main objectives:


A Bi-Annual Conference

During its first 16 years, the Geneva Health Forum (GHF) primarily operates as a biannual gathering, one of the largest health conferences worldwide, successfully bringing together key players in global health from the political, private, academic, and civil society sectors.

The forum provides a neutral space for participants to exchange ideas, showcase research findings, discuss best practices, and engage in policy debates. It also aims to improve health and access to healthcare globally, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries.

The Conference offers a comprehensive and dynamic platform featuring:


Health, a Common Good!


The COVID-19 pandemic and environmental emergency: Reinventing global health in times of global change


Improving Access to Health : Learning from the Field


Precision Global Health in the Digital Age


Global Health: Sustainable and affordable innovations in health care


Global Health: Interconnected Challenges, Integrated Solutions


Growing challenge of chronic diseases


Globalization, Crisis and Health Systems: Confronting Regional Perspective


Strengthening of Health Systems and the Global Health Workforce


Access to health around the world

Who we are

2023 onwards: New approach as an ongoing platform

2023 marks a turning point in GHF’s history as it evolves into a continuous platform driven by the dynamics of the international health hub in Geneva. In addition to its annual conference, the GHF now develops regular activities throughout the year, in the form of panels, roundtables, or working groups.
These regular activities will prepare the discussions for the next GHF conference or respond to specific requests from GHF partners.


As a result, the GHF now rests on 3 pillars:

Who we are

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Antoine Flahault

University of Geneva

Geneva University Hospital

Sophia Achab

University of Geneva

Geneva University Hospital

Bruno Lab

Geneva University Hospital

Véronique Maye

Geneva University Hospital

Antoine Flahault

University Of Geneva, Geneva University Hospital

Sophia Achab

University Of Geneva, Geneva University Hospital

Bruno Lab

Geneva University Hospital

Véronique Maye

Geneva University Hospital

Murielle Bochud

Unisanté Lausanne

Nefti Bempong


Gael Brule

University Of Applied Sciences In Geneva

Catherine Busnel

Institution Genevoise De Maintien À Domicile

Manuela Cirilli


Brendan Ecuyer

State Of Geneva

Gerard Escher

Individual Expert

Lasha Goguadze

International Federation Of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies

Iveth J. Gonzalez

Terre Des Hommes

Frederique Guerin

Geneva Science Policy Interface

Jim Larus

Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne

Ronald Lavater

International Hospital Federation

Marta Lomazzi

World Federation Of Public Health Associations

Louis Loutan

Independant Expert

Sarah Jane Loveday


Jacques Mader

Independant Expert

Veronica Montes

Global Fund

Riccardo Pfister

Geneva University Hospital

Petra Procter

Concept Foundation

Ellen Rosskam

Graduate Institute

Monica Rull

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Micaela Serafini

International Committe Of The Red Cross

Pierre Strauss

Swiss Agency For Development And Cooperation

Paloma Tejada

International Federation Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

Olaf Valverde

Drugs For Neglected Diseases Initiative

Iris Vidonne

Cite De La Solidarite Internationale

Thomas Vogel

Geneva University Hospital

Kaspar Wyss

Swiss Tropical And Public Health Institute

Eric Comte


Diama Kane

Communications and Operations Manager

Sonia Mondo

Administrative and Finance Assistant


Who we are